MEET THE ARTIST : Katie Harris

"Simply put, Katie Harris is a visual badass."

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It seems cheesy to say she’s the jack of all trades, but until you meet Katie Harris, you wouldn’t fully understand. Katie Harris is an award-winning wedding photographer nationally published for her work. After her 11th cover on a bridal magazine, she decided to switch gears and go back to graduate school for photography at SCAD. In the spring of 2020, Katie graduated with her M.F.A. in photography and is now a photography and photoshop instructor.

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Inside the mind of the artist

For those who know me, I am an academic at heart with a (slightly insane) competitive edge that never slows down. So, for me, learning never stops. I become almost obsessive to not only learn a new skill but to perfect it. Instead of New Years resolutions, I always challenge myself to learn something new, and with this has developed a visual arsenal for me to work with for my clients. I have mastered photography with many different focus areas (weddings, portraits, food...etc.) and also developed professional proficiency in graphic design, web design, marketing and branding. Believe the hype & let me show you what I can really do. --Katie

In addition to teaching, Katie has made a recent shift to Food & Fine Art Photography as well as graphic design and branding work for clients. For whatever your needs may be, when it comes to visual communication, Katie Harris always strives to be progressive in her field.

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I only open my schedule for portraits/weddings occasionally, so watch

social media to see if/when I have opened the sessions (or feel free to shoot me a message). 

Fine Art Photography | Portraits | Weddings | Food Photography | Graphic Design | Social Media Management & Content Creation | Photoshop Instructor